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In this section we try to bring technical news from round the web world and also other technical news. Mr.Ashutosh Prasad will be updating these news. Comments and ratings are invited.

Sunday, 15 Mar 2009

New IE Faster Than Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Claims
Microsoft Corp. says that its own speed tests prove Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is faster than either Firefox or Chrome.

In a report released last week, Microsoft spelled out how it tests browsers in-house, and again stressed that it doesn't buy the idea that benchmarks -- such as those that score JavaScript performance -- accurately compare the players.
The company timed how long it took each browser to completely render the 25 most-popular destinations on the Web, as ranked by the Web metrics firm comScore Inc., which included,,, and others.

IE8 was fastest in rendering 12 of the 25 sites, said Microsoft, while Chrome took second by beating the others on nine sites. Firefox, meanwhile, was a distant third, coming in first on just four of the 25 domains.
Both Opera and Safari for Windows have shares of less than 1%, according to the most recent data from Net Applications Inc so these browsers were not tested.
On contradictory to this when Computerworld last tested the major browsers' JavaScript performance, immediately after the release of the public beta of Safari 4, IE8 ranked last.
so guys I leave the decision to you as being the end users who are working on different platforms your experience might be the unbiased and true comparison.
So do check out all the browsers and decide which suits u best! Till I come up with something more interesting you guys drag your computers out and test the microsoft's claim.

(Technical correspondent

Date: 15 Mar 2009 , Author: ashu / Category: Internet Tools, Technical News / Views: 1686/Rating:5 / Comments:

Monday, 9 Mar 2009

Five Fun Google Earth Time-Wasters
-courtesy pcworld, article by Diann Daniel ,

Let's face it: You can kill a lot of time with Google Earth 5,0. With this highly-visual, recently-released tool, you can fly anywhere on Earth for free, from your neighborhood to your upcoming fishing spots. You can check out terrain and 3D buildings, plot your ideal vacation tour, explore the ocean floor and even see Mars up close. It's a rich application that can take plenty of time to fully explore-both in terms of places and functionality. To make it easier for you, we've outlined five ways to get a small taste for what Google Earth 5.0 can do. ........


Date: 9 Mar 2009 , Author: ashu / Category: Fun, Technical News / Views: 987/Rating:0

Friday, 6 Mar 2009

5 Games that Won't Die!
The vast, huge majority of games wither quickly
on the store shelves, long forgotten only months or even weeks after
their release. Such is the fickle cycle of offering games (or pretty
much anything) to the shopping public. Other games, however—the rare,
few, proud titles that become classics—enjoy life long after they
seemingly should have disappeared from the public consciousness.
The list of such titles is too large to present here, but includes gems like Falcon 4.0, Freelancer, Baldur's Gate, WarCraft III, Counter-Strike, Allegiance
and many, many others. What makes games like these stand the test of
time? They generate massive amounts of user loyalty via a number of
routes: Excellent gameplay, ease of modding, support from the developer
or publisher (which in turn creates goodwill), and probably a host of
other factors.

Date: 6 Mar 2009 , Author: ashu / Category: Technical News / Views: 791/Rating:0 / Comments:

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