Video : Danish Family Makes Wind Turbine - Nat Geo

5 Nov 2009, Comments: | Views: 2976 | | Category: Energy

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 A video Snippet from National Geography showing, the trend of setting wind turbines by families - which is gaining momentum.

 A video Snippet from  National Geography , showing how a Danish family succeded in making a wind turbine. 

In European(Scandinavian) countries, people started contributing their much to reduce the carbon foot print. Many families are running their own wind turbines. This small video shows, how a danish family is successfully running a wind trubine.

Denmark is the leading wind power nation in the world. The Danes were pioneers in developing commercial wind power during the 1970’s and today almost half of the wind turbines all over the world are produced by Danish manufacturers.

Some 150,000 Danes have already invested in wind power and own wind turbines or shares in wind turbine co-operatives. Denmark has about 5,500 wind turbines, out of which 75% are privately owned by local co-operatives. Most of the employment created by the Danish wind industry is primarily situated in sparsely populated areas of the country, contributing importantly to the welfare of some rural economies.

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