Brahmos -- soon to be Air Launched!!!

9 Aug 2009, Comments: | Views: 5029 | | Category: India Defence

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Indian and Russian scientists are close to final development and testing of the air-launched version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. A top Russian defence official said a new takeoff engine for launching of the missile in air and at extreme high altitudes had been developed.

Alexander Leonov, Director of the Russian Machine Building Research and Production Center, said: "we are ready for test launches." The initial test firing of the missile would be undertaken from the Sukhoi-30 MKI, but no exact dates have been specified .

The Brahmos website says - "The development work related to the Air launch version of the missile is complete and the aircraft launcher is under production. Work has begun with Sukhoi design bureau, HAL, and the Indian Air Force (IAF) for interface requirements and installation of BRAHMOS on SU-30 MKI.Two aircraft have been earmarked by the IAF for the initial launch trials which will commence from 2010 onwards, so that the induction can start in 2012. Installations on other aircraft will depend on user requirements.

The SU-30 MKI has a maximum speed of 2 Mach with a single in-flight range of 5,200 km. A total of 8,000 kg payload can be carried by it in a maximum altitude of 17 km."


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After testing, the IAF would be launch customers for the air launched BrahMos cruise missile, which will make the Indian Air Force, the only force in Asia to have such a capability.The BrahMos is already inducted in its ship to shore role and land-to-land versions in the Indian Navy and Army.


Leonov for the first time disclosed that Moscow and New Delhi were also "very close" to designing and testing of the submarine launched version of the BrahMos missile.BRAHMOS installation in submarine will increase manyfold the 'offensive power' of the vessel without compromising on its 'defensive power' as the torpedo tubes can be fully utilized for defence. All studies and simulation trials related to underwater launch have been completed.

India's indigenous nuclear powered submarine INS Arihant, which has been launched for final sea trials, could be using the Indian made K-15 nuclear missile. But experts say that its upgraded versions would have facilities to carry BrahMos cruise missiles.


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