Conquered Facebook but succumbed to Whatsapp
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 One of the main causes of worry to any individual is "My life is screwed but others are happy". But the fact is every individual is having their own set of problems, values, tensions, stresses etc. No one can be trouble free in a society except those who are living as hermits in faraway Island (even they have their set of problems.) When we socialize with others , interact - one thought keeps running behind - in what way I am better than him/her. This is what I feel is general human thinking (atleast an average human thinking). See we are all same with our own specialties making everyone unique - but at the core all are same. 

Human brains are hardwired to worry - this is what I read atleast- from millions of years we have been programmed to worry more. The new age tools like social media instead of curing this worry - even though they appear to cure this worry on surface- add more reasons to worry. I used to be savy of social networking sites like Orkut, friendster and then facebook. Facebook has driven away all social networking sites like orkut. Once Orkut was a big sensation - now many of the people may not be knowing orkut. Finally orkut was shutdown in 2014 by Google and now it's inventor Mr.Orkut has started a new networking app - hello - > read it here.

Coming back - > I used to waste lots of time on these social networking websites. All my experience says they are a waste of time apart from anything else. Some of the problems with these social networking sites - 

  • A big time waste - I used to often check facebook every five minutes to see any new person liked my photo, status. When doing work, in the name of time break fof five minutes I used to spend 30 to 40 minutes at a time. 
  • A big worry adder - Like us other friends add photos. With good mobiles, people take good photos. Seeing those smiles on the photos - some of the photos in most exotic locations - we feel worried. Why my life is so screwed ? Why I am not able to be happy like them? Why my partner is not like he/she? This worry don't result in any postitive action - but drags us into more sedenatry life style. 
  • Wishes become more of  daily chores - we start wishing everyone for everyone ocassion - neither they like so many nor we like to do. 
  • Unnecessary debates - useless debates on some groups. 

I just listed a few - there can be many. But social networking sites are all not junk. They do have advantages- see an 8 year old article of mine. You have to use these social networking sites in limit. I tried to limit - but it was not possible to me. And finally I decided to call it quits.

Facebook Deletion

On April 2nd 2018 I decided to delete my facebook account and I did it. I wanted to do it from long time - but was not doing, citing that this website is having comments of facebook linked to. However, I created a new facebook account and shifted all my page admins to the new account. After that i deleted my old account. But there the matter not ended. I started getting lot of friend requests in the new account. There is a setting in facebook that you can limit facebook friend requests to only friends of friends. As i don't have any friends in my new account - no one can send me any friend request. As there are no friends in my facebook - I never login to it, now not even for adding updates of my website. 

How to delete facebook account?

You may say that a simple Google search will tell this. But let me share my experience. Deleting facebook account is not easy. You see - you are a potetial customer to facebook - when you go -some links also go and data goes. Finally ad revenue is what drives facebook.  Facebook gives options for temporary decativation and permanent deletion. Read about them on facebook website - here.

To know how to delete - read it here.

After applying for deletion - facebook gives you time for 30 days. See - this is a trap here. When I have done it in 2018 - it was 14 days. In this time , you can come back and you can reclaim your account. See the email which I recieved in April, 2018 when I have started the deletion process - 

May be given the number of increased deletions facebook must have increased the number of suspension days to 30 from 14. You see once you intiate, you have to wait for 30 days to happen. During that 14 days I used to think of reinstating my account. However I have resolved to put on and succeeded. I used to think, that deleting my facebook account will sever  my links to all age old friends etc. But the fact is we are not able to spend time with our family - how we can spend time with school friends. If we are so close friends - we can meet them once in a while or talk over phone. Finally I deleted my facebook account and it is two years almost. Frankly nothing got affected. Whatever happened on deleting of facebook account I should say is only positive.

So dear friends, i am not here to recommend to delete your facebook,twitter,  instagram accounts. I am only narrating my story where I thought I should get out of facebook and did it. If you are also worried about your facebook habits and want to come of it, take a resolve and delete. If you are happy with facebook - with all due respects - continue and enjoy. My point is - it is you who has to decide.

Now Whatsapp..

Difficult to get out 

My happiness in victory on facebook turned shortlived. The time I have saved on deleting facebook is replaced or surpassed by Whatsapp. Now a days official and personal groups have flooded my whatsapp and is adding to the cluture on minds. Too many junk stuff and videos get circulated on whatsapp. Same message appears in atleast five groups.

I wanted to delete whatsapp also. It is much easier. But the problem is whatsapp has become more of an official communication tool which I cannot delete. So now I decided to quit some of the groups to reduce dependency on whatsapp. Other stuff which kill time - Youtube Videos and unmindful news surfing. 

At this time of writing article I decided to reduce number of whatsapp groups, disable yoututbe app on my mobile. Disabling youtube app will not hamper you much. You can watch youtube on your laptop - that way you will not waste much time. 

So, guys that's all for now- take control of what you want to do in life.... either it is facebook, whatsapp or your life partner. 

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