The Most Often Required Softwares


In this section we will bring you the most often required softwares. These are the softwares which we daily use. Preferably freewares are given here. Thank You...


Essential Softwares

Thursday, 10 Mar 2011

Create Pdfs on go easily with doPDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it was created by Adobe to ease document exchange. Now a days we see Pdfs everywhere - ebooks, printable application forms, cartoon strips, e-magazines etc.. It has become universal format on E-world to provide information has to be read . 

Pdfs are created by Adobe Pagemaker which is a bulky software in addition is not a freeware. So generally sometimes we limit ourselfs to send them as word documents. Now there are many useful softwares and easy softwares for creating pdf and doPDF is one of the coolest.


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Monday, 28 Sep 2009

Free Anti Virus By Microsoft - Security Essentials- but not for pirates !

So Microsoft Enters the Antivirus Market !!!


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Friday, 13 Mar 2009

Adobe flash player -- A must !!!
Adobe flash player, the must for browsing internet.


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Sunday, 8 Feb 2009

Adobe Reader a must!!!
Adobe Reader is the must software you should have in your PC. Please click on the link 'read more' to get deatils and download link.


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Saturday, 7 Feb 2009

Antivirus- We recommend AVG
AVG antivirus .. may be the best free antivirus.


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Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009

Messengers-- Everyone knows them, but are u meebo??
Instant messengers, yaa everone know about them. Here we try to provide about the available meesgers and the download links, reviews.


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Sunday, 4 Jan 2009

ZIP softwares
If you have to send a bunch of photos by attaching them to a mail or if u have downloaded a software in zipped format, you require zip software. For it we suggest Alzip.


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Are you using the good old internet explorer(may be the recent version).Then we suggest you to try Opera browser. ts indeed very fast and its fastness is clearly distinct on dial up connections.....


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