Future Plans Of Indian Space Research!!!
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India Shinning .. Yaa that new oscar Movies like "Slum Dog Millionarie" shows the dark sides of India.. but the bright side is bright enough to make us smile. It is not an Oscar Festival or a World Cup Cricket Victory, but is something more...  It is landing of an "Impact Probe" on the Surface of Moon By ISRO... Prior to this very few(only three nations have done that). India has made an Impact on the Moon. And this all has been managed with a budget of Rs 380 crores. To tell how less it is , it is the amount required for laying out a few Kms of Metro railways in major cities of India.

With this success ISRO is all geared up for new ventures. The ventures which were once only a fantasy for a third worlf country like India are now being turned into ground(space  ) Realities. So here we present some Info of what are the plans of ISRO for coming years........



The Future Plans

  • In the area of Launch Vehicle Development, the major target for 11th plan is to complete the development of GSLV Mk-III capable of launching 4T class INSAT satellite and operationalise the vehicle. PSLV and GSLV will continue to be workhorse vehicles for launching IRS and INSAT (2T class) satellites and their capabilities will be further improved. Technology development and demonstration missions on Reusable Launch Vehicle including space recovery technologies and air breathing propulsion are also planned. 

  • Keepin view the growing requirements,  it was considered necessary to initiate the development of Manned Missions during 11th plan period by development of critical technologies. The major objective of the Manned Mission programme is to develop a fully autonomous manned space vehicle to carry two crew to 400 km LEO and safe return to earth.

  • Major target for 11th plan, therefore, is to complete these ongoing missions and plan for followon missions Chandrayaan-2 and Astrosat-2 for continued investigations. Besides this, a number of small satellite missions for studies in Solar Physics (Space borne Coronagraph “Aditya”)

ISRO plans to launch its next lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, by the end of 2010 or early 2011. It will carry a Russian-made rover to collect samples from the Moon's surface for detailed analysis.

  • Earth’s Near Space Environment (Twin satellite missions SENSE-P and SENSE-E), investigations in inner magnetosphere (ITM) and studies in atmospheric aerosol and trace gases (I-STAG mission) have also been planned.

  • Indian space scientists have also begun preparing a project report for a human mission to the Moon. "Before 2015 we will have the first manned mission from the Indian soil," said Madhav Nair (ISRO's Chief)

So it is the Time When The Younger Generation Can Dream Of Landing On Moon

It is The Time When The Dream of Running In Space will Become True....


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